Tourist Places

  1. Ekavira temple, Mogilicherla(v), Warangal(M)

Ekaveera Temple is one of the ancient temples of Warangal, which has a close association with Kakatiya Kings. Located in Mogilicherla village at a distance of 18kms from the district headquarters, 14km from Mulugu cross roads the temple was built during 1156-1196 AD and Kakatiya kings used to offer prayers daily till the empire collapsed. It was also said that the great Kakatiya Queen Rani Rudramma Devi, too, used to offer her daily prayers here. There was an open well constructed beautifully with rocks around 200m from the temple which was supposedly used by visiting dignitaries of the Kakatiya kingdom in those days. Now, it is completely dried up and in dilapidated condition.


There are eight big pillars, four at the center over the broken rangasila, two infront of garbhagriha and the remaining two inside the garbagriha.


Location Map of Ekavira Temple

Location Map to Ekavira Temple


  1. Siva temple, Katrapalli (V), Shyampet (M):

A Shiva temple dating back to Kakatiya period is located at Katrapalli village of shyampet mandal, about 53km from Warangal (towards South West) and 25km from Mahabubabad (TowardNorthWest). The temple faces east, preceded by an Antarala, a closed Mandapa and an entrance porch towards East.

The shrine door shave Poornakumbhas on either sides of the bottom portion of the doorjambs while its upper portion is divided into number of facets consisting of a row of flowers and slender ornate pilasters, accompanied by dancing figures portion.

The lintel has a Gajalakshmi figure as its Lalatabimba. Miniature sikhara motifs fills the space of the horizontal lintel. Four central pillars here bear the carving of pair of hamsas, depicting elephants, kirthimukhas and there is a pearl garland design on the central square.


Location Map of Siva Temple, Katrapalli (V), Shyampet (M)

Location Map to Siva Temple


  1. Annaram Shareef Dargah, Annaram Shareef (V), Paravathagiri(M)

Dargah of Hazrat Yaqub Shaheed in Annaram Shareef village is famously known as Annaram Shareef Dargah. The Dargah is located on the banks of a lake in Annaram Village at about 47km southeast of Warangal district. And 12km from Rayapatri

The history of this ancient marvelous dargah cannot be traced. However, this Dargah has a unique characteristic-most of the pilgrims visiting this dargah are Hindus unlike any other dargah in that region. People here offer coconuts to the deity.

Location Map of Annaram Shareef Dargah, Annaram Shareef (V), Paravathagiri(M):

Location Map to Annaram Shareef Dargah.emf


  1. Phakhal Lake, Sanctuary & Inscriptions, Narsampet(M)

Pakhal Lake located at about 10kms from Narsampet mandal and 60km from Warangal, stands as an excellent testimony to the skill of the Kakatiyas. The lengthy dam spread in an extent of 80sq kms caters to the agricultural fields in the surrounding areas. An inscription (1.9mhtx0.36mWidth) is erected on the tankbund, which depicts the genealogy of Kakatiya kings and records the construction of magnificent tank.

Situated at about 60km from Warangal, Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of The vegetation consists of tropical dry deciduous mixed forests, bamboo and mixed teak forests. The sanctuary is home to leopard, sambar, nilgai, sloth bear, and apart from a large number of migratory birds that arrive in winter. The forest department has put up “machaans” in the sanctuary which afford a good view of the scenery around.

Location Map of Phakhal Lake, Sanctuary & Inscriptions, Narsampet(M):

Location Map to Pakhal Lake

  1. Other Pilgrimage Sites:
  • Trikuta Temple, Kondaparthy Village


The Trikuta temple at Kondaparthy is located nearly 12kms from Warangal in Hanamakonda Mandal. The temple has three shrines on the south, we stand north along with Garbhagriha and Antaralaya while a common Rangamandapa has an entrance facing east. The sikharas of the shrines are built with brick and are of the stepped pyramidal type. Three inscriptions are reported from this Kondaparthy village, which served as the headquarters of the feudatory chief of Malyala family during Kakatiya Period.

  • Two Trikuta Temples, Katakshapur


A pair of Trikuta temples built in granite stone is located on the outskirts of Katakshapur village, 26km from Warangal on Warangal – Mulugu road. The first temple facing East have three shrines and Shivaling as are installed in all the three garbhagrihas. The second temple facing south also has three shrines. The central shrines are dedicated to Chennakeshava, where as the other two are Shivalingas. Based on the architectural styles, these temples dates back to 12th century A.D i.e., Kakatiya Rudra Deva period.